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If you would like to mod or homebrew your Wii to make it a more versatile machine, I have collected a little information here about it. This page is not an exhaustive resource on the topic of Wii modification; it aims to provide simple instructions for beginners to follow with links to required software included. Some software links may require you to register to the forum to download them.

Use the following guide to install Homebrew software on your Wii: SoftMod for ANY Wii 3.1-4.1 - (requires SD card)

Mod Chips

Originally I thought this was the easiest way to be able to play backups on the Wii.
Mod chips are really easy to install and use, but they aren't required to play backups.

Pros for mod chips are:
1. really simple to install and use.
2. lets you play backups.
3. pretty much can't brick your wii using the latest ones.

Cons for mod chips are:
1. costs money $$.
2. have to pull the wii apart (as far as i know) to install it - voids warranty.
3. doesnt give you homebrew apps.
I got a DriveKey for my system, but in hindsight I should have just installed homebrew and got a USB HDD.

You can get Wii modchips from all over the internet. OzModChips is where I got mine: OzModChips.

If all you wanna do is play backup games on discs and nothing else a DriveKey mod chip really is the simplest solution but you still should consider all the pros and cons of installing a mod chip compared to homebrew software.

Before you get a mod chip you should consider just installing homebrew and a usb loader app from an SD card.

Everything from here on requires you to have a working SD card and some sort of card reader for your PC so you can load the card with files. (You might even be able to use a camera or phone as a card reading device.)

Homebrew Channel

The best way to install Homebrew Channel is to follow the guide linked to at the top of the page.

Homebrew Browser

Homebrew Browser will let you install a number of homebrew applications and games from a nice GUI. It's handy. (requires homebrew channel)
1. Download Homebrew Browser
2. Unpack the ZIP file to your SD card so the 'homebrew_browser' folder is in the \apps\ folders of the SD Card. If your SD card drive is G:, you will end up with G:\apps\homebrew_browser
3. Put the SD card into the Wii and start the HomeBrew Channel.
4. HomeBrew Browser should now appear in the apps listing. Click it to run.

USB Loader GX

USB Loader GX will let you load scrubbed games from a USB drive plugged into your Wii. USB Loader GX worked for me when USB Loader 1.x was giving me "error #002" problems using scrubbed ISO on USB flash drive.
Follow the guide linked to at the top of the page to load your Wii with homebrew, required updates and USB Loader GX.

I have found that USB Loader GX may not run all games despite you loading all require IOSs onto the Wii. I'd assume each loader software has its own issues so you need to install a couple of loaders to make sure you can play all your games.

Partition/format your USB drive for game ISOs

IMPORTANT: Formatting a drive will erase all the data on it. Partitioning a drive will probably make you lose data on a drive too unless you're careful. But you already knew that, right?

The Wii requires games be stored on a drive that is formatted with 'WBFS' filesystem. To do this, you may need up to 2 tools:

WBFS Manager 3.0.1

This is the main tool you need. It will format a drive to WBFS and then let you load game ISOs onto the drive. Here is a step-by-step to formatting your drive.
1. Download, install and run WBFS Manager.
2. At the top left, next to "Drive: " select the drive letter of your device you want to format. Eg, if the usb drive is "G:" drive you pick G from the dropdown list.
3. Click format. You should receive a confirmation message upon success.

If you find yourself getting errors when you try to format your drive you may need to use the following tool:

WBFS Partition Creator

For some reason, when I tried formatting my USB flash drive with WBFS Manager as above it just threw me a generic error. WBFS Partition Creator fixed this problem for me. Follow the step-by-step below if you need to.
1. Download WBFS Partition Creator, extract the contents of the package to your hard drive in a folder somewhere. For example, we will use "C:\wbfspart\" as the extraction folder in this step-by-step guide. The USB drive letter in this example will be 'G'
2. Once unpacked go to: Start -> Run -> type in cmd and press enter to open a command box.
3. Change to the folder that has WBFS Partition Creator in it and initialize the WBFS partiton. Using our example, we would do the following commands:
cd \wbsfpart
wbfs_win.exe G init

Note that the 'G' above is the drive letter of your USB drive.
4. If this is unsuccessful an error should be shown in the command box. Otherwise, it should have worked.

If you get an error like: "could not open drive: no error" the init has not worked! I had this recently when I tried to repartition my drive and reformat for WBFS. To fix this problem I did:
1. Under Windows 7, go to: Start -> type in "disk" without quotes, from the search results click on Create and format hard disk partitions
2. The Disk Management util will open, wait for all your drives to appear. Select the drive and/or partition for using with WBFS (Wii format) from the list. USE CAUTION - If you choose the wrong drive or partition you can/WILL lose data. NO RESPONSIBILITY.
3. Opposite click and select Mark partition as active
4. Opposite click and select Format. Click Yes on the warning window.
5. If there is no volume label - DOUBLE CHECK YOU HAVE THE CORRECT PARTITION/DRIVE. If you know you have the corect drive and partition, type a volume label such as "WBFS". I used NTFS for the file system and ticked Perform quick format
6. Click OK to format. Wait for formatting to be completed. It can takes ages if you have a big drive so let it go until it's done. When complete, follow the steps for using wbfs_init.exe again and it should initialize the partition for you.

All going well, you should now be able to go back to the WBFS Manager step-by-stepguide and it should work. If you got an error you probably need to Google to find a fix or reason why you're getting an error or you might needto drive a different USB drive?

Interesting Articles

If you want to know a little bit more information about some Wii stuff, I am going to compile a list of articles on the internet here.

cIOS - Explains what "cIOS" is/are.
SoftMod for ANY Wii 3.1-4.1 - This is a sick guide for modding your Wii (requires SD card)

More to come later...