Useful ? Links 
Here I have decided to make a list of links that are pretty useful. You might also notice I have a link to "startpag.htm". That page is for setting to your Home button in your internet browser. This page will be links that I get and find rather useful but may be a one off use, so don't get added to startpag.htm.

+ Do Not Call - Australian Government Telemarketing "Do Not Call" Register (20091013)
+ Kaspersky's Online Virus Scanner (20091115) - This page lets you upload a file no bigger than 1Mb in size, and it will scan to see if there is a virus/trojan/worm in it. Handy.
+ TinEye Image Search (20100517) - This search engine lets you give it an image and it will find exact matches or similar/photoshopped copies across the internet. It doesn't search against text keywords or filenames, it actually analyzes the picture and finds pictures that look like it. Very cool.
+ Who Calls Me? (20100421) - This is a reverse lookup phone number database. The numbers are user submitted and the service is free (at time of publishing). If you get calls from numbers you don't know and you get a lot of telemarketers calling you then check the numbers in here first.