PHP Tutorials 
This page will host a series of (hopefully) short guides related to PHP and probably MySQL in PHP.

My programming credentials:
- Minimal to no formal programming education.
- Do not do programming for my day job.
- Probably never will make any money out of programming.
- Will never be able to program a computer game.
- Mucked around with programming since I was 16 (1997) and keep doing it as a hobby.

Why should you read this then? You might be like me and can't make head or tail of all the other tutorials out there and this is your last resort.

To learn PHP, you really should just need to read the reference manual. It is online:
The PHP manual is the best manual I've ever seen on the internet considering its structure and formatting. It is easy to find what you want to know etc. and explains the topics rather well. There are example codes and also user submitted code which are sometimes very handy.

If you get stuck and can't work out what's wrong with your code you can use the internet to find a forum to help you. I use PHP Freaks forum at:
The people are friendly and helpful and you generally get your topic solved within the day.

01 - Commenting (20100105)
02 - Flow Design (20100106)
03 - Portable Code (in progress)
04 - Fixing Parse Errors (20100112 - also in progress)
05 - Database Naming Conventions (20100215)