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I teach my daughter to share her toys 
I like the internet. I've used it since 1998. I liked how back then, it was more about finding out about stuff you didn't know. Now it's more about arguing on social networks, or pictures with captions on them.

That's why I post the stuff on my website.

That's why I don't put ads on my website.

I want the internet to basically be about what it was when I first used it. Being able to search for something, click the link, get taken to a page that doesn't have an array of flashing coloured images or overlaid video advertisements without having to give some company/software "permission" to reap [at least some of] my personal information at its own will.

My brother makes this curry dish called Jungle Curry. It has lychees in it and it's really nice. He won't give me the recipe. I said, "if you wanna download movies off the internet... you gotta share your recipes!"

Sharing is caring.

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Android Gripes 
So I have had my Samsung Galaxy S phone running Android 2.2 (Froyo) since Jan 2011. I am loving the capabilities these new device open up to us in our everyday lives. I am ever-connected to the internet given that I have sufficient coverage, I can instant message my friends and family for free instead of using SMS, I can access all my emails anywhere, any time, I can play games, watch movies, listen to music, read books, the list just goes on and on. "Smart" devices (I like to just call them "devices") really are the next step in the internet age in my opinion.

But after a few months I have found a couple of things in Android that really are annoying me. Read More...

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May 21st Harold Camping Doomsday Foolishness 
So here we are May 21st 2011 on Saturday morning in Australia. Since we are pretty close to the date line, we should be the first to experience the "rapture" (the rapture is not a teaching based on Bible writings) here (why God would follow human's established dating and timing method I don't know) but I guess I could speculate this means the rapture could occur at any instant in the next... 17 hours?

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USELESS Blog Software 
Well... there it is. This blog software is USELESS.

It randomly deletes the comments from articles and removes the article page view counts and sometimes the site view counts.

Time to find new web software.


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