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Easy Way to Track Domains in PiHole 
After you install Pi-Hole to suck ads from your network, you probably will load some domain lists (gravity lists or something they call them) to black or white list domains. If you start using your devices on the network, you'll probably find somethings don't work because domains are being blocked, and some thing wont block ads.

To monitor pihole's activity you use:

pihole -t

on the linux console command line. This will show in real-time the activity that the pihole software is undertaking. it's very hard to keep track of whats going on with this, as you have to verify the IP of the client and then try to see which domains etc. there's just generally a lot of info going on and the screen scrolls up rather quickly even with only 2 devices connected to pihole.

Instead, you should filte rthe pihole activity down to a single client, the client device you are using to troubleshoot. To do this, just use a pipe and grep the output based on the IP of the device you want to see:

pihole -t | grep .188

For example, this will show me the activity of the device on my network that is

It also filters out the lines in the output that say whether a domain was blocked or not, it will just show us that client .188 accessed whatever domain. We can then load the pihole web interface and check the Query Log to see if the domain is blocked or not, then black/whitelist it to see if it makes the desired change we want.

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