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hOme.beardedDonkey - rsync --delete not working?
rsync --delete not working? 
If you issue an rsync command with the --delete option in it and you find it isn't removing non-existent source files from the target, when you google you will find a whole host of answers that say "don't use a wildcard character * on the end of the target path!"

that's all well and good until you aren't using wildcards and --delete still isn't working!

what you do need on the end of the target path is a trailing slash / character for --delete to work!


rsync -avzh --progress --delete -e 'ssh -p 31337 -i /home/user/keyfile.private' user@host.net:/home/user/backups /home/localuser/backups

will NOT do the --delete for you!

rsync -avzh --progress --delete -e 'ssh -p 31337 -i /home/user/keyfile.private' user@host.net:/home/user/backups/ /home/localuser/backups

WILL do the --delete for you!

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Mazda CX9 / Vehicle Spare Parts 
This is an entry to explain how to look up spare parts for cars online.

SupercheapAuto My Garage

The best way to find spare parts for your Mazda CX9 or any vehicle is to go to supercheapauto.com.au and use their "My Garage" feature. Enter your vehicle registration number, or choose which model vehicle you want to find parts for, click the little yellow arrow head that points down on the My Garage section on the main website page and then click "Shop All Parts For My Vehicle".

The page that loads will look a bit like a website from 1998, and it shows you all the spare part categories on the left which you can use to filter the products shown on the right. This catalog system is pretty good and it shows you photos of the parts in some cases which is really helpful. Once you find a part you want, you should then get some sort of part number, code or brand name you can google further to get more info.

Google for more Info

For example, I was after an air conditioning/heater blower motor for my Mazda CX9. I looked up the part in SCA's My Garage, then noticed it was made by a company called JAS Oceania.

Googling JAS Oceania brought up a location only about 1km away from the SupercheapAuto store's location in my area. In other words, the supplier of the part is in the same suburb as SupercheapAuto's store. I might be able to buy directly from the spare part manufacturer? The advantage to doing this is a lower lead time. I might be able to get the part immediately instead of waiting for SCA store to have it sent over to them, which can take at least a half day and usually takes a day on average in my experience.

Most spare parts, but not all, will have a part number on them and perhaps a brand name. This is a really good way to find the part online. Google for the brand and part number and you will find you can probably buy the part from a number of online stores, but buyer beware - I found the blower part I wanted on AliExpress but it wasn't the full part with the cylindrical fan blades attached. It was only the motor segment of the part and the pricing was about the same as buying the whole part locally. I prefer and recommend buying locally over online, especially for automotive spares because if the part is incorrect you can return it and exchange it or get a refund. Doing this is a big hassle with online purchases.

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SQLite How to select a particular day of the week using date function 
This will select last Thursday's date:

SELECT date('now', 'weekday 4', '-7 days')

weekday 4 = Thursday, but if we want last week we have to -7 days from it.

If you want the date to be returned as unix epoch value, do the following:

SELECT strftime('%s', date('now', 'weekday 4', '-7 days'))

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PSA: Very sneaky scammers are at it. (November 2018) 
Be aware of them and don't fall for their tricks.

This morning I noticed an email in my personal email account which is hosted on my own domain that I pay a webhost company for. I've had this website at this host company for the last 15 years. The email was in broken English and is very similar to most scam emails you will get, saying they've hacked you, they've got dirt on you (photos and videos) and to pay them in Bitcoin and they'll delete the stolen files (LOL)


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