Decorative Concrete – Exposed Aggregate

Need a patio and some pathways around your house?

Decorative finishes on driveways, patios and paths are usually always going to be at least a 2 step process where a slab is laid and then either a tile or paver is laid on top, or another product is applied to the top be it a covercrete product, an epoxy, a chemical to create a distressed look or a grind to remove the top revealing the stones below.

For a little more investment per square metre compared to plain concrete, you could get decorative exposed concrete finish. Exposed aggregate is a one-step decorative finish product that’s easy to maintain, long lasting, looks great and is more cost effective compared to other decorative finishes. It is simple to clean and maintain if you want to retain its brand new look and the colour in the natural stones won’t fade like many stamped driveways eventually do.

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Nucon Decorative Exposed Concrete Catalog

Nucon are a long established local concrete supplier with plants based out of Logan, Yatala, Oxenford, Coomera, Southport, Carrara, Currumbin, Chinderah and Ballina.

They have a range of exposed aggregate concrete mixes available for a high grip, decorative concrete finish that is easy to maintain and will last a literal lifetime.

If you have existing exposed aggregate surrounds already laid, they may be able to do a fairly close match to your existing colours as well.

To see their standard range of exposed aggregate concrete mixes, visit their website at: Aggregate Concrete Mix Nucon

3 thoughts on “Decorative Concrete – Exposed Aggregate”

  1. I like that you mentioned that exposed aggregate is a long lasting option for paving. We are putting in a gathering area in our backyard patio and we need something durable and long lasting. With a lot of furniture placed on it, we need something that can handle the stress but still looks nice.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Exposed aggregate has been around for a long time now and although its popularity has declined in recent years it really is still the most cost effective decorative product for outdoor flooring and surrounds.

      What I love most about it is its durability. It can be left unmaintained for years – even decades – and all that is needed to restore its brand new look is a high pressure water clean and a sealer applied again. Try doing that with any other decorative concrete (besides ground or honed concrete) and see how good it looks after 10 years of neglect!

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