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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO: Convert/Transcode Video Format and Normalize Audio using MediaCoder
HOWTO: Convert/Transcode Video Format and Normalize Audio using MediaCoder 
This post is a snippet on how I configured MediaCoder to convert video files to whatever format I want (usually XviD) and to normalize the volume in the file too.

I found that some video files I would download would have very low audio levels. This is extremely annoying to me so I worked out how to normalize the audio level, at the same time I decided I would reencode the video to XviD as I find it usually plays well on my home media set up. Read More...

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HOWTO: Remove Air Filter Housing from 2002 Mazda Tribute 
Here is a step-by-step guide for removing the air filter housing ("air box") from a 2002 Mazda Tribute. Sorry no photos yet. I am still jiggering around with mine and havent gotten to that yet.

I ripped out the air filter housing today foolishly following instructions in the manual. I didn't have to pull it out, but I documented it so I put it up for the internet. Read More...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 - Corroded Mainboard/Charging Socket Fix 
This article documents how I fixed a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7 inch from a no boot state. The problem was corrosion in the charging socket. Note that this advice is given with no responsibility if you try it yourself. Enjoy! Read More...

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SNIPPET: OpenWRT on Netgear WGT346U Dumbass Help - Setting up after "generic failsafe firstboot" or from a fresh installation 
This entry contains what I did to get my OpenWRT configured after performing a firstboot command on the Netgear WGT346U. Issuing the firstboot command resets the device back to the "stock" settings.

You might also like this entry if you are setting up OpenWRT from a fresh install.

This guide covers:
- Setting up initial network for internet access from router
- Checking opkg.conf has the correct repository source
- Updating opkg
- Installing nano editor
- Installing USB support
- Configuring automount of partitions and swap on USB device
- Installing wifi drivers
- Initial wifi config
- Configuring router as a wireless routed client to an existing wireless network with bridged ethernet LAN
- Configuring firewall after setting up as a bridged client

It assumes:
- You have just installed or 'firstboot'ed OpenWRT on the router
- The router is connected to an existing network by ethernet cable
- Said existing network has internet access and allows the router access to the internet
- You know how to use vi text editor to edit a file See this page specifically the "Editing Files in vi - The Bare Basics" section
- You have no idea what you are doing


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