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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Fix "Another Installation is in Progress" error when Installing Application on Windows 10
HOWTO Fix "Another Installation is in Progress" error when Installing Application on Windows 10 
There's various remedies for this, but this is what I did.

If you run Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc it will load it as your user. If your user is not an administrator, you won't be able to kill the Windows Installer process, which is what is locking the installation out.

Run Task Manager as admin: in the Cortana/Search type "Task Manager" (no quotes) then opposite-click the Task Manager result it finds and select "Run as administrator"
Enter your admin user's password, press enter.
You now have Task Manager as an admin.
Click More Details and scroll down the list of processes to find Windows Installer.
Opposite click it and select End Process.
Wait about 20 seconds and try running your install file again.

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Website Overhaul at beardeddonkey.com 
If anyone tried to access home.beardeddonkey.com in the few minutes I was jiggering around with the website they may have gotten 404 not found errors. I saved and restored the home site, with the 'guides' folder as well, so all photos and files linked to in the articles should still work.

If anything is missing you can send me a message through the contact link and I have a backup of the entire site before I changed anything.

Please have a look at the new www.beardeddonkey.com website, now running on WordPress and mobile responsive. Follow beardedDonkey Concreting on Google+ to help my business! :)

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KVIrc KVS GUI Class Object Documentation 
Recently I found that KVIrc's scripting engine KVS has object oriented classes that allow the building of graphical user interfaces. The KVIrc documentation is pretty extensive on the classes but I thought I would study them a bit and compile a document that aims to make an introduction to them. Read More...

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HOWTO Map an FTP Server to a Drive Letter in Windows 7 
Finally. I have finally worked out how to map an FTP server to a drive letter in Windows Explorer without using some proprietary or GUI driven software.

This entry will show you how to use a small free utility called FTPuse to map your FTP server to a drive letter in Windows 7 and also how to make ftpuse run at log in so your FTP is always there in Explorer for you to use.

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