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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Make Expense Manager Show Expense Categories in Ascending Order
KVIrc KVS GUI Class Object Documentation 
Recently I found that KVIrc's scripting engine KVS has object oriented classes that allow the building of graphical user interfaces. The KVIrc documentation is pretty extensive on the classes but I thought I would study them a bit and compile a document that aims to make an introduction to them. Read More...

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Nothing much to say lately, and if you want to use Google+... here's a little trainer! 
I haven't posted mush lately because I haven't had much to post about. Life has been busy with work and will be until next year at least.

For now I am mainly posting short updates onto my Google+ profile as it seems to be a fairly interesting method to keep up to date with news etc. and to find information of interest to oneself.

If you are sick of Facebook, try Google+. But first: it is not the same as Facebook. You won't find your friends on G+. It might take a while for you to find people and (just recently) communities that interest you.


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HOWTO Enable Wake On LAN (WOL) with ASRock 880GM-LE FX Mainboard and Windows 7 

If you are visiting this page looking for help on getting WOL working on the ASRock 880GM-LE FX mainboard, please follow the link to contact ASRock about it.

ASRock Technical Support Contact Page

I have not been able to get WOL working with this board under either Windows 7 or Linux Mint 13. ASRock needs to provide details on how to make it work, provide a firmware update to fix it, or admit that WOL does not work on these boards.

This note contains a HOWTO for enabling wake on LAN (WOL) on an ASRock 880GM-LE FX mainboard running Windows 7. The guide and steps probably work for almost any mainboard supporting WOL.

This note is meant to have a guide for enabling WOL but it seems there is something wrong with either Windows 7 or the drivers for my NIC. I am currently trying to get this working and updates will be added here as seen fit.

Try out the guide below and it may work for you. If not, leave a comment so we can see how many people have problems with WOL and Windows 7.


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Development on TAJB has ceased 
Mkalter, developer of the Team Android Jelly Bean rom for Samsung Galaxy S (and other devices) has announced that development on the rom has ceased. Stating, "He got a new device and wants to concentrate on school" development on his rom is discontinued.

TAJB was one of the earliest jelly bean roms for the i9000 device and showed promise, however, some bugs still present in the v7.1 release do make it annoying for the user experience over time.

I suggest trying SlimBean or SlimICS for the i9000 as a replacement rom.

20101006: Have been using SlimBean for a while now and have been very happy with it's performance and support. No bugs come to mind, the phone runs nice and smooth, battery life is great, all functions I need work well. I recommend SlimBean as a JellyBean choice for the i9000.

Also, there was a report on whirlpool.net.au's forums that TAJB 7.1 ROM replaces your device's IMEI number. The Optus carrier in Australia started blocking devices with the particular IMEI TAJB was putting in the device. I informed the dev on the official website, but never heard back from him. I suggest looking for an alternative to TAJB 7.1 until he releases a fix.

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