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Paperwork - One to Watch 
Paperwork is an open source alternative to services/programs like Evernote.

Still in its infancy, Paperwork is note taking, saving and searching software that is open source and you can run on your own servers. The github page also shows a long list of planned features that are going to be, or are already implemented either in part or completely.

If you are able, please support and contribute to this project because the world needs a free alternative to Evernote which currently seems to be the number 1 note service. Read More...

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Nothing much to say lately, and if you want to use Google+... here's a little trainer! 
I haven't posted mush lately because I haven't had much to post about. Life has been busy with work and will be until next year at least.

For now I am mainly posting short updates onto my Google+ profile as it seems to be a fairly interesting method to keep up to date with news etc. and to find information of interest to oneself.

If you are sick of Facebook, try Google+. But first: it is not the same as Facebook. You won't find your friends on G+. It might take a while for you to find people and (just recently) communities that interest you.


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Things that went right and wrong when I ran Linux 
This is a post detailing my latest experience using a Linux distribution. I have for a long time wished Linux could really compete in the user-friendliness area. I installed it on a USB drive for a younger friend of mine as he is saving up to get Windows 7 for a new PC of his so thought he could try Linux while he waited. He is as end user as they come so I thought it would be interesting to see what he thinks of Linux. Read More...

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Another Samsung Device to the family 
I recently have purchased a 10 inch Samsung tablet, my brother is an avid tablet fan and hunts second hand bargains online. So I have gotten one for $350, with wifi and 3G abilities. Read More...

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