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hOme.beardedDonkey - Meatfest 2009 is almost here
Meatfest 2009 is almost here 
So the earth completes another lap around the sun and as the last of the how-it-should-be winter weather leaves us Meatfest arrives. This year I hope to make something a little different. I'm not sure it will be the biggest hit of the festival but it's something worth trying just to see what people think.

The Meatfest idea is slowly gaining popularity and with this year's Masterchef on TV I think more people will understand what Meatfest is about. Not chooken entry levels and snags on a barbie, but something special. Something that makes your lower back ache a little because you slaved over it for 30 minutes, or something that you probably won't see anywhere except for Meatfest (unless you're RICH - like Snickers).

So here's to Meatfest!

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New home for me 
This is the new personal website for Nathan Stanley, also known as Catfish. I have finally converted www.beardeddonkey.com into a commercial website for my own business which I am hoping will slowly take off. It's only concreting so there's nothing too exciting there. This website will be found at: home.beardeddonkey.com

After much wrestling with software and personal distaste in the appearance of my new "home", I finally found a simple blogging software to use. Hopefully this will do what I want and visitors can have some interaction.

What to expect? Not much. Just me posting stuff from time to time. Maybe some videos if I can figure out how to do that.

Until then.

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