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hOme.beardedDonkey - Wow time flies...
Wow time flies... 
I just clicked "Last" and had a look at my earliest posts and noticed one for "Meatfest 2009". I didn't realize I have had this site for 2 years now.

Anyway, Meatfest 2011 is almost upon us and I haven't decided what to do. Maybe I will go back to grassroots Meatfest style and just cook a big bunch of meat nibblies that can be grazed on all day long. I wouldn't mind trying to make home made smoked sausages...

And I think I might do a theme colour chang on the website.

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HOWTO: Toshiba L650 Tear Down Guide 
Well my wife finally dropped the laptop (we all know it's inevitable) and of course that is not covered under warranty (sucked in Good Guys I _didn't_ pay for the extended warranty!! HAR HAR) so now we have 1 broken LCD. My Mrs., being green, called the Good Guys same day it happened and so now there's no way to get it fixed under warranty. The screen is clearly smashed and has been dropped anyhows so I doubt it would've ever got done under warranty.

So now the internet masses can benefit from our misfortunes! Here you will find a guide on how to (almost completely) tear down a Toshiba Satellite L650! I looked for an LCD removal guide before doing it myself and there is one dodgy guide that doesn't seem to have photos of my exact model so I tore mine apart and cameraed it along the way.

This guide should cover removing the following parts:
Touchpad/Top Front Bezel
Screen (the whole screen as a unit)
Screen Front Bezel
LCD panel

Removing the HDD and mainboard are even simpler than the LCD but I have not provided steps for those here as I had no need to do it. (Sorry)

NOTE: This page has large images (about 20Mb worth) so don't view it if you're on a slow connection! Sorry the images are big but I made them big so people can see what to do. Also, I am lazy and didn't downsize or compress them properly. That happens when you get stuff on the internet for free.

As usual: no responsibility.

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Android Gripes 
So I have had my Samsung Galaxy S phone running Android 2.2 (Froyo) since Jan 2011. I am loving the capabilities these new device open up to us in our everyday lives. I am ever-connected to the internet given that I have sufficient coverage, I can instant message my friends and family for free instead of using SMS, I can access all my emails anywhere, any time, I can play games, watch movies, listen to music, read books, the list just goes on and on. "Smart" devices (I like to just call them "devices") really are the next step in the internet age in my opinion.

But after a few months I have found a couple of things in Android that really are annoying me. Read More...

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Mongolian Lamb (or Beef) - Restaurant Style! 
Ok I found a recipe in this big cook book we got published bt the Woman's Weekly or Woman's Day magazine or something, the book is call "Cook".

I had to make dinner on Friday night and after an argument with Chicken that she doesn't eat any vegetables because she objected to me making Pea and Ham Soup (because apparently peas are the only thing she doesn't eat - WHATEVER CHICKEN) I found a recipe for Mongolian Lamb. We had beef so I used that instead, but the recipe is very easy and, to me, is pretty much what the Chinese restaurants make. Read More...

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