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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Fix Non-Removable Google Play Movies and TV Notifications on Android Phone
HOWTO Fix Non-Removable Google Play Movies and TV Notifications on Android Phone 
For the interwebz:

1. Go to Google Play Store and update or install the Google Play Movies app
2. Open Google Play Movies & TV app
3. Once you open the app, the notifications should all disappear from your phone's notification curtain
4. In the app, go to Settings, under section "Get Notifications" untick the options you don't want to see

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Mi Remote Android App and Aldi EasyHome Oscillating Fan Pairing 
We have a pedastal fan from Aldi which comes with remote control and I wanted to see if the MiRemote app that comes with MIUI Android phones like the Xiaomi range of phones worked with the fan.

The remote app doesn't list any brand names that looked familiar such as EasyHome or Aldi that could be found on the fan itself, so I thought I'd randomly try a Chinese brand fan and hope for the best.

The best is what I got by fluke. I chose Xiaoxiang brand fan from the brand's list in the app and the second (of 2) options pressing the power button worked for me.

I then tried all the buttons in the app and pretty much all of them worked. Power, fan speed, fan mode, oscillation all works.

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HOWTO Alter, CHange or Remove Underline or Box Shadow from Anchor HREF Links in Wordpress 4.9.5 Theme TwentySeventeen 
This note just logs how I altered the CSS styles in Wordpress 4.9.5 with theme TwentySeventeen to change the link colours and style, and also to control the box shadow (which at the time I didn't even know what that thing was called)


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HOWTO Alter the Default Footer in Wordpress 2017 TwentySeventeen 
I installed a Wordpress 2017 theme website a while back and came to alter it recently. I couldnt find a straight forward way to alter the footer contents so I googled for how to do it only to meet other bizarre instructions that just led me to PHP code where I could disable some elements but not much else.


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