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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Samsung Galaxy S Teardown (Remove Motherboard and Main Components)
HOWTO Samsung Galaxy S Teardown (Remove Motherboard and Main Components) 
My Galaxy S needed some cleaning so I figured why not tear it apart and document it for the Interarwebs? I have no responsibility so everyone is a winner!

The Galaxy S is much easier to pull apart compared to the HTC Desire HD A9191. Sorry for the poor photos but I usually use this phone to take my photos so I had to use the Galaxy Tab 7 (P1000). And the camera on that thing is friggen USELESS. Also notice that my phone is very dirty, because I am a concretor and it gets really dirty in my pocket. Read More...

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HOWTO HTC Desire HD A9191 (Almost Complete) Teardown 
This is an [almost complete] step by step guide to tearing down an HTC Desire HD A9191 mobile phone.

Based from the video guide on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfatoeWbMRk
Steps with * on them mean they differ slightly from the teardown video above. Usually the difference will be noted.

This teardown details some things that are not apparent in the original teardown video because the original video uses a device that has no sticky areas on it. It is probably a demonstration model device - not a real world model.

My guide will help you to open the device, and remove all pieces except for the upper main board, and anything to do with the LCD. If you need to replace certain parts, watch the original video and use this guide. You may not need to completely tear your device apart to replace the part. Read More...

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Simple White (Cheese) Sauce Recipe 
Read the notes if you want to know about thickness.

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Master Illusionist Cosentino 
Last night I went and saw Australian Illusionist, Cosentino on his first tour. Runner up in 2011's Australia's Got Talent competition I watched his acts on the show and said I would pay to go see him. Surprisingly ticket prices are only $40. I'm not sure if children are cheaper but it seems good value for the price of things these days. Read More...

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