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hOme.beardedDonkey - Documented... Filth? (again?)
Documented... Filth? (again?) 
I have started a little idea for my YouTube account called "Bachelor Howto". This is not a unique idea online but I figured I want to start doing something with my YouTube channel and thought I might as well do something useful. I guess this is all because of the realization of technology getting good enough to make doing this easy enough for me. Video on the phone, click share, upload to YouTube.

So my first video was "How To Remove Chocolate from Carpet". The embedding of the video doesn't work so here's a link to my channel: My YouTube Channel Read More...

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Documented Filth 
Going through some archived data on my hard drive and found a photo of my pillow slip from after I moved out of home. I think it didn't get washed for about... almost 2 years.

The photo shows the inside "fold" piece, which doesn't get dirty, placed against the outside of the slip.

What an effort. Never to be done again. Achievements like this can only happen when you are a bachelor.

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OpenWRT Wireless Networking on a Netgear WGT634U Router 
So I have no idea how to set up my router in my network because:
1. I struggle with Linux networking as it is (routing settings mainly)
2. I've never done two networks that comminicate with each other

So I guess I can start by "drawing" my network setup, then drawing the setup I want to have. Read More...

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10,000 hits! *party whistle sound* 
I am celebrating 10,000 hits on my personal website! (See bottom of page). I know this is hardly anything, but I find this noteworthy because:

1. I've never had a page that has reached 10,000 hits
2. Usually by now the software I'm using would have crapped its pants and reset a whole lot of data for no good reason (last time it did it at about 5,000 hits)
3. It'll be a good decade before I hit 100,000 hits so I'm not waiting that long to celebrate.

And yes, I know that most of those hits are probably from some Russian webcrawling search bot called Yandex or similar but I don't care :)

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