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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Alter the Default Footer in Wordpress 2017 TwentySeventeen
HOWTO Alter the Default Footer in Wordpress 2017 TwentySeventeen 
I installed a Wordpress 2017 theme website a while back and came to alter it recently. I couldnt find a straight forward way to alter the footer contents so I googled for how to do it only to meet other bizarre instructions that just led me to PHP code where I could disable some elements but not much else.

So here is my guide to altering the footer in the default wordpress twentyseventeen theme.


1. Log into your wordpress admin for the site.
2. Go to: Appearance -> Widgets
3. In the middle or right of the main content area, you should see "Footer 1" and maybe "Footer 2". These may need expanding by clicking on the little arrow/triangle.
4. On my installation, Footer 1 contains a widget titled "Find Us" which has some token address info and Footer 2 contains widgets called "About This Site" and "Search".

The content of these widgets are editable here. Or you can delete them.

Hurrah for no PHP code editing!!

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