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hOme.beardedDonkey - ZNC Running and Configured but won't auomatically join configured channels
ZNC Running and Configured but won't auomatically join configured channels 
This post explains a problem I encountered with my ZNC server and how I fixed the problem.

You probably know what ZNC is if you're reading this, but for those that don't, ZNC is a server software you usually run on a VPS (a server that's always online) and it connects to whichever IRC server and channels for you. You connect to it with any IRC client you like to access IRC.

The Problem

I opened my kvirc as usual one day and everything seemed normal bu i noticed the time stamps weren't current. I realized something had stopped working, so I restarted kvirc (IRC client). kvirc restarted, it connected to the znc server and joined the networks i always use but no channels were joined.

Problem: znc won't join preconfigured channels

So I do the usual troubleshooting, check the settings on znc for the channels, restart znc on the server, etc. and everything looks like it should be working.

When I click on a IRC network's status window I would click disconnec button o disconnect it from he server and I would get this error in kvirc status window:
[Server parser]: Received a part message for an unknown channel, possible desync

Check your channels

Ok, so if you type: /znc and hit enter, your znc server should respond to you in a *status window saying: Hello. How may I help you?
You can see what channels are configured in ZNC for this network by sending: listchans
It should show you a table with your configured channels. If it doesn't, it means something might have wiped out your channel settings and this post can't help you. Different thing.
If it does show you all your channels, look at the Status column. If they are all set to Disabled they won't be joined (you won't appear as being on them in a /whois) and they won't appear in the irc client's channel list.

Fixing this problem

So if your channels are configured and they are all disabled (god knows why, right?) you can fix it by issuing znc the following command: enablechan *

You have to send this in the *status window where you checked to see if your channels were configured. It should give you some feedback like: There were [13] channels matching [*] and Enabled [13] channels

All your channels will magically come back to your IRC client's window list and the universe will be at peace with itself once again.

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