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Paperwork - One to Watch 
Paperwork is an open source alternative to services/programs like Evernote.

Still in its infancy, Paperwork is note taking, saving and searching software that is open source and you can run on your own servers. The github page also shows a long list of planned features that are going to be, or are already implemented either in part or completely.

If you are able, please support and contribute to this project because the world needs a free alternative to Evernote which currently seems to be the number 1 note service.

While Evernote is good, I have found that they are very slow to implement changes and fix problems their software has. I experience this mostly on Android. They also seem to be going down a path where they will be forcing partnered data upon their users. I noticed this with the new "feature" called Context. If you don't like Context you cant disable it unless you are a premium (paying) user. I also do not like that the only paid option of Evernote is a subscription based payment. They do not offer a once off payment for a client that has some additional desired features like PIN locking and turning off Context.

Paperwork can be all that Evernote is, except better!

I will be watching and waiting to see how Paperwork pans out.

paperwork on github

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