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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Remove Upper Intake Manifold from Mazda Tribute 2002
HOWTO Remove Upper Intake Manifold from Mazda Tribute 2002 
This documents how to remove the Upper Intake Manifold from a 2002 Mazda Tribute.

Follow this guide at your own risk and expense. The information is based on the Hayne's Manual for the 2002 Mazda Tribute.

You can click all the images to get the highest resolution available.


Disconnect everything that is attached to the upper intake manifold. I took the time to learn what everything is, so I can remember to reattach it all. I will give the names of the components shown in the photo.

Please note that I have done simple things like removing the engine shroud already. You should be able to get to something that looks like the photo below by yourself, otherwise you probably need someone a bit more experienced with you to go through this guide.

Part 1 - Detach Everything from the Upper Intake Manifold

Before you remove things, think about Future You. If you have a sieve for brains like myself, you would do well to get some MacGyver tape, a permanent marker pen and put tape labels around each pipe/cable before removing it and labelling which component it goes back to. In fact, my mechanic mate recommends doing it regardless of experience.

See my video on detaching hoses, wires and pipes from the upper intake manifold.
1. ? - Undo the pressure clip and remove the hose.
2. ? - Unplug the vacuum hose.
3. ? - Unscrew the clamp and remove the hose.
4. - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vacuum Regulator Valve - unclip the electrical plug from the valve.
5. - EGR VRV - unplug the vacuum hoses from the valve.
6. - EGR - undo the large nut on the end of the gas pipe and move it just enough to remove it from the EGR (nut and pipe not pictured, they are on the underside of the EGR unit * see note below about alternate EGR unit detachment)
7. - EGR - unplug the vacuum hose from the top of the EGR unit
8. - Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - unclip the electrical plug from the TPS. (TPS is not pictured here, it is below the AIC unit)
9. - IAC - Unclip the electrical plug from the IAC unit.
10. - Cruise Control - Disconnect the cruise control if fitted.
11. - Throttle Cable - Disconnect the throttle cable.
12-14. - Undo the mounting bolts.
15. Air Intake - Unscrew the clamp and remove the hose.

* Alternate EGR Detachment - you do not need to remove the gas pipe from the EGR unit. You can, instead, remove the two bolts that hold the entire EGR unit to the upper intake manifold. The unit will stay in place because the gas pipe holds it there. This is how I detached it because I didn't have a shifter or tool that could fit onto the gas pipe nut and into the engine bay space.

There is also a hose attached to the EVAP unit in the upper right corner of the engine bay. I detached the hose on the EVAP unit end because it is easier to access. See this video note for its location and how to unclip the hose.

The hose is removed by squeezing to plastic where indicated and sliding the hose off when the two plastic tabs lift up.

Part 2 - Manifold Bolt Loosening Sequence

Undo the bolts on the manifold in the correct order. The general rule is to undo them from the outside, inwards. But the manual give a specific order so here it is!

You can watch my video on undoing the manifold bolts.

The picture below shows the manifold already removed. It is only to show you the order to undo the bolts. I suggest cracking the bolts first in order, then undoing them evenly over about 3 laps.
Please note that this image is the undoing sequence. Tightening is the opposite order of this image.

Before removing the manifold, get some old clothes/clean rags and tear up 6 pieces, each about the size of an A4 page. You will use these to clog the holes in the engine that are exposed when the manifold is removed.

Once the bolts are undone, the manifold should lift straight off. There is one little rubber hose that is hooked to it near the front. Just unhook it when you find it. The manifold is made of plastic so it is not very heavy. The bolts have tabs on them, so they will remain in the manifold.

Be careful not to drop anything into the holes that are exposed when the manifold is removed! Ensure all tools and objects are away from the area before removing the manifold as they can drop in accidentally. Also think about if you have things in your shirt pockets etc that may fall in.

As soon as the manifold is taken off, stuff the size holes with some clean rags so that nothing (including insects or spiders) can get into the engine.

Part 3 - Stuff Clean Rags into the Holes

See the image below of the rags in the holes.

You can also watch a video about this.

Dean Edwards 
Hi on the eighth screw which is the one that hooks onto the head gasket i overtightened and heard a snap. My tribute started smoking when i started it so i turned it off right away. Now that screw basically feels as though it has nothing to screw into. DID I SNAP MY HEADGASKET. I would really appreciate a response man i'm kind of worried.

Hi Dean,

Don't panic.

I snapped a bolt on the upper intake manifold also when re-tightening them up afterward.

I have a few videos covering what I did to remedy this problem on my YouTube channel:

Removing the bolts from the manifold - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hpUIhPfwcU
Reseat the sleeves in the manifold - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNFPqUSec9c

I don't know if it's true, but I was told these bolts are perhaps "single use" bolts.

The bolts screw into little lugs on the manifold below so hopefully there is no damage to that part like the case was on mine.

I went to my nearest fasteners (nut and bolt) shop and took one of the manifold bolts in with me. They matched it to a new bolt that fits the thread and away I went, no problems since.

Hope it works out for you like it did for me.


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