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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 (GT-S5670)
HOWTO Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 (GT-S5670) 
This note details how to install ClockworkMod Recovery onto a rooted Samsung S5670 phone.

This process requires a Windows computer.

As always: no responsibility.

0. Back up your crap.
1. Download CWM_rfs.zip files from beardeddonkey.com or XDA Forums
2. Extract the ZIP file. 3 files are contained inside: Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.42.exe, CWM_rfs.tar, and BENI_v1.0.ops
3. Run Odin_Multi_downloader_v4.42.exe.
4. Click the OPS buttone in Odin and select the BENI_v1.0.ops file from the extrated files.
5. Click the "One Package" checkbox under the Options section in Odin and then Click the "One Package" button down the bottom. Select the CWM_rfs.tar file from the extracted files.
6. Connect your S5670 phone via USB to the PC, Odin should identify the COM port the phone is on. If it doesn't you need to install the USB drivers for the phone connection. I think you can use Samsung Kies to do this. My Windows 7 computer installed the drivers when I plugged the phone in during this process.
7. Click "Start" button for Odin to do the flash process. Odin will make the phone reboot automatically. Leave ht ephone plugged in until Odin reports: "<0> Killed timer." in the Message box.

To verify the installation of CWM, power down the device, press and hold down Home button and Power button together until the phone enters CWM Recovery.

Posted this HOWTO here because the original (see realted link) seemed to have the order of the file selection in Odin the wrong way around. If I chose "One Package" first, when I chose "OPS" file it would remove the "One Package" and Odin would complain about it.

Also redundancy is nice.

its telling cannot open the usb serial port in msg box

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