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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Root Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 (GT-S5670)
HOWTO Root Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 (GT-S5670) 
This post details how to install root access on the Samsung Galaxy FIT GT-S5670 phone.

As always: no responsibility.

0. Back up your crap.
1. Download rooting ZIP file from beardeddonkey.com or androiddevices.com
2. Transfer the ZIP file to the phone via USB. Just put it in the root folder of the internal sdcard.
3. Power off the phone.
4. Boot into recovery mode by pressing the Home button and the Power button at the same time. Hold them down until the "Samsung Galaxy FIT GT-S5670" boot logo appears. Recovery mode should start shortly after you let go of the buttons.
5. Once inside recovery mode, use the Volume Up and Down keys to move the cursor up and down the options list. Select "apply update from sdcard". Press the Home button to select the option.
6. Select the ZIP file you transferred to the phone and install it.
7. Select "reboot system now".

You can verify root access is on your phone by going to Play Store and searching for a root checking app. There is one by a developer called "JOEYKRIM" and it is free and works.

I did this HOWTO based off the one at androiddevices.com mainly because the other one seems to be written by someone who doesn't have English as their first language, and because redundancy is good. Isn't it?

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