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hOme.beardedDonkey - Nothing much to say lately, and if you want to use Google+... here's a little trainer!
Nothing much to say lately, and if you want to use Google+... here's a little trainer! 
I haven't posted mush lately because I haven't had much to post about. Life has been busy with work and will be until next year at least.

For now I am mainly posting short updates onto my Google+ profile as it seems to be a fairly interesting method to keep up to date with news etc. and to find information of interest to oneself.

If you are sick of Facebook, try Google+. But first: it is not the same as Facebook. You won't find your friends on G+. It might take a while for you to find people and (just recently) communities that interest you.

My recommendation is to start out browsing the What's Hot stream and if an item interests you then have a look.

Some items will repeat over time and you will probably notice trends to how people comment [argue] but sometimes if commenters seem interesting you can follow them. I make a "circle" called "Following" and add people to this. If I find their posts continue to be interesting I keep them. If not, just remove them. You can view their public posts before adding them to a circle also.

Once you have a few interesting people added to a circle (you don't need many people circled for G+ to become interesting to you) you will find your personal stream has a fair bit of content on a daily basis.

Recently [today] G+ added "Communities". A community is an area where people who have a common interest and can all contribute to one communal page. An example of a community is Foodies Online.

So the basic process is:

1. Sign up
2. Browse What's Hot
3. Find interesting people to "follow"
4. Review followed people, remove the boring ones
5. Join a community if you want to share something back in an area that interests you

Also, G+ sharing features are more powerful than Facebook's. If you want to share something with 1 person - you can. If you want to share with just your family - you can. If you want to share with the public - you can. And when you share with people directly, no one else can see their comments on that shared post. This, to me, is one of the biggest advantages of G+. Privacy.

I told my wife that Facebook is like standing up in a room full of every person you know, and every person they know with a megaphone and yelling something out so all of those people can hear. A lot of people on Facebook don't realize this sadly.

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