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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Install RIL and Spirit FM for FM Radio on Team Android Jelly Bean V7.1 for Samsung Galaxy S i9000
HOWTO Install RIL and Spirit FM for FM Radio on Team Android Jelly Bean V7.1 for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 
This entry documents how I got FM radio working on my SGS i9000 while running TAJB v7.1 ROM. I have also used the same method on SlimBean for i9000 and it works. I think it would work on any custom ROM on i9000.

Note that your device must be rooted for this process to work. If you have a custom ROM your device is likely rooted.

No Responsibility

No responsibility will be taken for your following any of the advice or steps presented on this page, or for using any of the software advised about or linked to. Read all pertinent pages about what you are doing with your device before you go ahead. Or you can just do it and probably nothing bad will happen.

Step by Step

1. Install the GetRIL app from the Google Play Store
2. Run GetRIL app and it should display some information about your device's RIL, Baseband etc. My device said, "Unknown RIL found" and I had a baseband called I9000XXJVU. Your device may differ at this point, but if your FM radio isn't working you can probably still go ahead and follow the next steps.
3. Press the Download & install RIL button. The app will automatically detect, download and install the RIL your device needs. The app also backs up your current RIL. The app should report that the process was successful and that the RIL and baseband now match. Exit GetRIL app.
4. Now you need to get Spirit FM. There may be some other FM radio apps on the market, but they are usually written for specific families of devices. Spirit FM works with a range of devices but not all. It does work for SGS i9000, which this guide is specifically written for. The Spirit FM thread at XDA will give the most up-to-date information and it has even updated since I installed it. The latest release at time of writing this guide was August 15, 2012. The thread contains download links to APK files that can be installed if you allow unknown sources in security Android's settings.
5. Download and install a Spirit FM APK (from the XDA thread above). Note that the free version of Spirit FM is fairly basic, but it offers you a functional FM radio. Consider purchasing the paid version for extra features, lifetime support and to support the developer financially. If not for them, we probably wouldn't be getting FM radio on our custom ROMs.
6. Spirit Free requires superuser access so you need to allow it when or if a prompt to do so appears. You can then tune to an FM station and hear the radio.


The full version of Spirit FM is $9.99 AUD which seems pretty steep for an app, but there is also a Light version available for $2.49 AUD with not as many features as the full unlocked version. Also consider that the developer provides full support for this app and that they work to make it available on as many devices as possible. For a full list of supported devices, see the second post in the XDA thread.

Really, you can look at the $9.99 as being the price to pay for an FM radio for the rest of your life. As the developer is committed to updating the app as devices come along and is doing something that Google and the device vendors have given up on.


Can I get more information on how to set up AIR tuned Radio in Samsung Galaxy S4 via Spirit and supported softwares.



I am unsure as I do not have access to Galaxy S4. The developer of Spirit FM app says if you support him by purchasing a full version of Spirit FM he will continue to develop for future devices. This may be the best bet for getting Spirit working on GS4.

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