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hOme.beardedDonkey - Another Samsung Device to the family
Another Samsung Device to the family 
I recently have purchased a 10 inch Samsung tablet, my brother is an avid tablet fan and hunts second hand bargains online. So I have gotten one for $350, with wifi and 3G abilities.

I had always wanted a 10 inch tablet but found each size (4ish mobile size and 7" tablet) had their pros and cons. I figure a 10 inch tablet will be very nice for home use, and for reading and noting publications.

As far as software goes, I will probably play around with it on a stock official ROM first. My brother tells me he has the ICS update for it already, so I will probably skip bothering with Honeycomb as I saw it on my brother's tablets and it was so laggy it's not worth bothering with.

So more fun and maybe more documentation will be coming in the future for another device.

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