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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Update Samsung Galaxy S i9000 to Android Jellybean (TAJB V6)
HOWTO Update Samsung Galaxy S i9000 to Android Jellybean (TAJB V6)  
This entry documents how to update your rooted Samsung i9000 mobile phone to TAJB Jellybean V6 custom ROM. (Official TAJB Website for SGS i9000)

No Responsibility

Installing custom ROMs on your phone voids your warranty. If you are not confident doing this, don't. Read more and ask when you are unsure on forums or websites related to what you are doing.

This process worked for me, it might not for you. No responsibility.

TAJB V6 is a very early version of Jellybean for the i9000 phone. There's no guarantees that anything will work. This ROM is only about a day old at time of writing. If you want to see it in action, try looking on YouTube for some videos.
It assumes you are running TAJB V5 ROM as I was on mine at the time of updating.

Step by Step

1. Download the update file and place it in the root folder of the internal SD on the phone. From: rinik.de
2. Reboot the phone to recovery mode (CWM)
3. First wipe cache.
4. Next go into the Advanced section and wipe the Dalvik cache.
5. Now return back to the main menu and update from ZIP file. Choose the Jellybean update file you loaded onto the phone earlier and confirm installation.
6. The installation should run and complete successfully.
7. Repeat steps 3 and 4, then go to Advanced and Fix Permissions (this takes a little time). Reboot the phone after this.


After installation, you should see an "Android is upgrading" notice, and it will "optimize" your apps. (This takes a little time)

You shouldn't lose any apps or icons if you followed this guide. Doing a factory reset in the recovery mode will remove all your apps.

You will probably find that some system app icons on home page will change to android icons. Remove them and redrag the system app icon from the apps drawer to the home page to fix. (Camera, Gallery etc)

Camera is working for me now.
Records 720p video fine.
720p playback works through Gallery (using MX Player to play). I have had issues with locally stored 720p videos playing back since using ICSSGS RC4.2, now suddenly something has fixed it.

If you use Nova Launcher you can have landscape home screen (also worked in V5). No ROM I have had before TAJB would allow this.

From V5 I found there were no ringtones. Had to put my own in to use. V6 doesn't include any (despite it being 90Mb larger?)

I saw on xda developers forum that there seem to be issues with the ringtones. Sometimes you can choose them, sometimes not. I have seen this on my installation also.

Remember that this rom is still in heavy development.

I have experienced some bugs with the camera taking a photo, but not saving it in the gallery even though it appears to. For me, the most bugs I've seen are related to the camera, so if you rely on having a camera I don't recommend updating to jellybean at this stage.

For ringtones, if you create a folder at /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones and place your audio files in there the ringtone system menu will detect it as an option to use for a ringtone.

Found that if the camera starts to force close, you can go to Menu -> Manage Apps -> Gallery (it will be under one of the tabbed titles) and then clear its data or cache and this should fix the camera crashing without needing a reboot.

Just noticed some users on XDA Forums saying battery life is really good on this ROM and I have been commenting mainly on the negative aspects of the ROM. The battery life I would agree is really good. It seems like it lasts twice as long as any ROM I've had on the phone before. I haven't done actual tests to see if it is any better.

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