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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Samsung Galaxy S Teardown (Remove Motherboard and Main Components)
HOWTO Samsung Galaxy S Teardown (Remove Motherboard and Main Components) 
My Galaxy S needed some cleaning so I figured why not tear it apart and document it for the Interarwebs? I have no responsibility so everyone is a winner!

The Galaxy S is much easier to pull apart compared to the HTC Desire HD A9191. Sorry for the poor photos but I usually use this phone to take my photos so I had to use the Galaxy Tab 7 (P1000). And the camera on that thing is friggen USELESS. Also notice that my phone is very dirty, because I am a concretor and it gets really dirty in my pocket.

You will need

* A precision plus head screwdriver
* Maybe a prying tool


1. Remove back cover, battery and SIM/SD card(s).
2. Using a precision plus (Philips) head screwdriver, remove the 7 screws as indicated. They are all the same size.

3. Unclip the main board cover around the other edge of the screen bezel. There are 6 main clip points that need to be released so the cover can be lifted out. Be careful on the narrower side sections of the cover. Minimal force is required if unclipped correctly. Use caution not to lose the volume, power button, small rubber mount and the USB socket slider cover.

4. Unplug the white coaxial cable and three flexi-plugs from the main board. Also unstick the power button board from the phone case. This can all be done using a fingernail.

5. Remove the main board.

6. Unplug and remove the camera modules all in one. Unplug the tiny flex cable from the SIM/SD board by hinging the black side of the plug upward then sliding the flex cable out. The black speaker module lifts away. The SIM/SD board is removed by unplugging its flex cable on the underside of the main board, then gently prying it up from the main board to the left and right sides of the flex cable and on the opposite side to the left and right sides of the area where the hinged socket for the speaker flex cable is.

7. The audio units (headphone jack, ear speaker and light sensor) are all connected together via flex cables. Some tape may hold down the flex cable which needs to be peeled up first, then the earphone jack and light sensor lift out. The ear speaker may be glued down, so may need a little more prying to lift out. It all lifts as a single unit.

8. The three circuit boards at the bottom seem to be glued down. They are all connected by non-removable flex cables. There is a flex cable plug on the middle one and the other end of the white coaxial cable on the one on the right. I have not included removal of this in this teardown.


Assembly is the reverse of this process.

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