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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO Disassemble an Electrolux Z6160 1800W Vacuum Cleaner
HOWTO Disassemble an Electrolux Z6160 1800W Vacuum Cleaner 
So our vacuum cleaner carked it and I figured I'd rip it open and see what I could do. I didn't find much wrong with it, but pulling it apart and blowing some dust out seemed to do the trick.

Anyway, I documented it and so the internetians prosper because of it!

WARNING & DISCLAIMER: This appliance is powered by mains power. Mains power can cause serious injury or death.

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Step 2: Make sure you did STEP 1. Done it? Ok. Now you can continue.

Step 3: Remove the side doors by opening them and then squeezing the two hinges together. The hinges will unclip from their sockets and the door will fall away from the body. Repeat for the opposite side.

Removing the top buttons can be done using a flat prying tool. Insert the tool between the button plastic and the handle rubber on the inner side of the button. Pry the button outwards so that the button's bevel edge is not below the handle rubber. Now do the same on the opposite side of the button (the outer side). The button will pop up and lift out. Repeat for the other button. Note that the image shows the button after it has been popped out.

The bag compartment cover is best removed after removing the dust bag and the top dust bag cradle. Remove the dust bag as normal. The top dust bag cradle can be removed by pressing one of the hinges inwards and popping it out of its socket. The cradle will fall away from the body.

The air filter and dust bag spacer simply slip out.

Remove the bag compartment cover by lifting it up (open) and sliding a flat prying tool between the plastic at the hinge as indicated in the photo below. Pry the hinge inwards. The hinge will pop out of its socket. Repeat on the other side and the cover will fall away from the body.

Remove the bottom air filter cover by opening the cover and first removing the air filter. (Filter is removed in photo) With the door open, use a flat tool to pry the hinge (circled) of the cover inward, away from the main body. Repeat on the opposite hinge and the cover will fall away from the body.

Remove the filter control dial by prying it inward and then upward with a flat tool where indicated below. The dial will pop and lift out.

The top cover is held on by 1 plus head screw and 4 clips. Remove the screw using an appropriate size screw driver. There are two clips on the bag compartment side. Insert a narrow, flat tool into the slits (circled) on either side of where the screw was removed. Press the tool in, and lift the top cover upwards on that side with the handle. Repeat for the other side.

At the opposite side of the top cover there are 2 concealed clips. Use a flat tool to pry the cover outwards at the points shown below. The cover should unclip and be able to be removed.

Once the top cover is removed, you will see the electronic board (4.) which is sitting on the motor cover. The power cable spindle retractor switch uses a small plastic hinge (1.) to operate. You can simply lift it out. The two black wires (2. and 3.) are best being unattached to remove the motor cover. See more on this below before unattaching them. The motor cover is held down by 5 plus head screws (red circles). Remove them using an appropriately sized plus head screwdriver.

Mark the two black wires using paint, liquid paper or some tape to differentiate between them. I used some green paint and marked the left wire with one dot, the right wire with two. This will aid you in putting the wires back in the correct places. If your markers wear off or you forget to do this, the left wire was about 75mm (3 inches) shorter than the right wire on my model.

Once the black wires are detached you can remove the motor cover. Notice where the wires and power cable feed in the photo (the blue wire should be where the black one is). You will need this when assembling the unit back together. Take a photo if you like or use the one below as reference. The blue and black wires can be a little tight, so you may need to unravel them a little to get the motor cover off. The power cable spindle simply lifts out. Take note of how it is positioned, with the retractor switch (the tensioned wire) at the top on the inside of the unit. Also note where the power cable feeds out of the spindle.

Below you can see the motor cover removed and the power cable spindle removed.

From here you can lift the motor out if required for inspection or replacement. It simply lifts out. There are two rubber mounts at either end which fall away easily once lifted out and an air filter carpet. CAUTION: Be careful when removing the motor. This is a high power part and may still contain electric charge. Do not attempt to open the motor or insert any tools into its housing. Any servicing required to the motor should be done by a qualified electrical mechanic.

To take apart the power cable spindle there are 9 clips. First, unclip 1. and 2. on the outside of the spindle. The plastic can rotate a little on the axle to keep them undone. Next, squeeze the clips 3. and 4. inward and pop them up. The pillar clips on 5., 6., 7. and 8. should come half undone at this point. Use a tool (screw driver or similar) to push clip 9. together and make the spindle come apart in half as pictured below.

After opening the power cable spindle you can now lift out the power cable housing. Removal is easily done by lifting the housing upwards from the spindle. DO NOT PLUG IN THE POWER CABLE AS THERE WILL BE MAINS POWER AT THE END OF THE CABLE. TOUCHING THE COPPER FILAMENTS WHILE THE POWER CABLE IS PLUGGED IN WILL CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.


Assembly is the reverse procedure, with these notes:

1. The power cable housing does not slide down into the power cable spindle. It slides in by squeezing the two clips on each side.
2. The air filter carpet should be inserted before the motor. This makes inserting the motor easier. Ensure the rubber feet on the small motor mount slot into the holes on the bottom of the motor.
3. Ensure all wires are fed correctly, as per photos.
4. Ensure the 2 black wires go back on the correct terminals.
5. Ensure the plastic hinge for the power cable retractor switch is in place.
6. When putting the filter control dial back on, ensure it is positioned to match the hole in the red dial on the electronic board. Use a torch to see the location of the flat side of the dial if you have trouble getting it on.
7. It may be necessary to pry the hinges of the bag compartment cover to get it back on. Perform the same prying motion but push the hinge into the hole in the body to make it find the socket.
8. The top buttons are rather hard to get back on. First ensure the springs are placed in their compartments below where th button goes. Then pry the outer side of the button so it is below the handle rubber, then give the button a swift whack from above with the ball of your hand. The inner side of the button will pop past the rubber.

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