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hOme.beardedDonkey - HOWTO: Convert/Transcode Video Format and Normalize Audio using MediaCoder
HOWTO: Convert/Transcode Video Format and Normalize Audio using MediaCoder 
This post is a snippet on how I configured MediaCoder to convert video files to whatever format I want (usually XviD) and to normalize the volume in the file too.

I found that some video files I would download would have very low audio levels. This is extremely annoying to me so I worked out how to normalize the audio level, at the same time I decided I would reencode the video to XviD as I find it usually plays well on my home media set up.

1. Get MediaCoder, google for it, install it. Run the Wizard and answer all its questions at the start. Run the program. Load the video files to be converted into its list using File -> Add File. You can select multiple video files at once.

2. Once videos are loaded, you can change the settings for the conversions. I used the following settings:

Preview tab: Mode -> select Disabled. This switches off the video rendering while the job runs.
Video tab: Enabled -> Tick. Auto bitrate -> Tick, select Output size. The drop down list below "Enabled" should say "Output Size". If it doesn't, after selecting Output Size, select "Video Bitrate" from the dropdown and it will change to Output Size. Type in the size you want the video file to end up in megabytes. Rate Mode -> 2-Pass. Format -> XviD. Encoder and Source -> Auto ticked.
To the right you will see codec names on tabs. Click XviD tab. Profile -> Unrestricted. High Quality Mode -> Ticked. Everything else leave default.
Audio tab: Enabled -> Tick. ID -> 0. Format -> MP3. Encoder -> Lame MP3. Source -> Auto Select = ticked. Resample -> Original. Everything else stays unticked. Select the Lame MP3 tab to the right. Preset -> Extreme (VBR). Everything else is greyed out unselectable.
Container tab: Container -> AVI. Multiplexer -> Auto select. Remuxer -> MEncoder. Leave options default. Leave encoder tabs default.
Sound tab: Channels -> Stereo. Channel Mapping -> unticked. Gain -> unticked. Audio delay -> leave as is. Normalize -> Single Sample. This is the part that normalizes your audio stream. I'm sure you can play around to get what you want exactly here.

Everything else I leave default.

3. The settings you put in will be used for ALL the videos in the list that are ticked. So if you mix 30 minute shows with 1 hour shows etc. be aware if you use a fixed filesize output that longer shows will encode with crappier video quality. Hit the start button to transcode your videos.

You should be able to change whatever video settings you like to get the desired codec/container used for your files.

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