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hOme.beardedDonkey - A few small online security tips
A few small online security tips 
So recently I noticed a website I frequent was not connecting using HTTPS (secured HTTP protocol) even though I changed my bookmark to directly use HTTPS. Why is this even something I think about you may ask?

Well, as time goes by coupled with the growth in acceptance of online technology, everyday life is becoming more digital. My life pretty much runs on computers now. By this I mean when I get bills in the paper mail I look at them, hand them to my wife to be paid and I never think about that piece of paper again. If I want to know anything about my life I get my phone/tablet/PC and look up my email or my website or my calendar in there. My boss now runs his business through his Gmail account and doesnt bother [digitally] filing anything. He just thinks of what he wants and searches his Gmail for it. This is what I mean by life becoming digitized.

This may be a bad thing (and it is in many ways) but it is also a good thing (in many ways) so for some people this is not how they will be but for others it is and I can see that the general populace is slowly going this way as user interfaces become easier to use and devices become more abundant and in a range of styles to suit more people's needs.

So what this leads to is instead of someone trying to steal your wallet to get your cards and your cash they will be trying to steal your passwords or sniff your computer connections while you are online. How do you prevent this from happening?

Number one is always to have a good password. "What is a good password?" you may ask. The general answer is this: At least 8 characters, using a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. So it means your password might looke like: I3c&tt4b. The problem most people have is remembering a password like this. While this password looks cryptic and difficult to remember, it isn't. Not for me anyway, because I made it and know the key to remembering it. So what is the key to remembering this password? Simple: "I love coffee and tim tams for breakfast". I love (3 looks like a love heart) coffee & tim tams for (4) breakfast. This system can be applied to things like lines of song lyrics from your favourite song to give you a good password.

I saw a news clip this week on how cyber crime is on the increase so I thought I'd add something about secure browsing. If you didnt know, when you use the internet smart computer people can look at what you are looking at. It's kind of like eavesdropping a conversation. So how do you know if you can be eavesdropped? If you're using Firefox, up the top where the URL of the website is will either be grey, blue or green.

Grey means not secure
Blue means sorta secure
Green means it is secure

In Firefox to the left of the URL is the Site Identity Button. If you click it you can see information about the website you are viewing and whether your connection to it is secure or "eavesdroppable". As you can see my website is a dodgy unverified site because I'm just a Joe Bloe that doesn't care about my website that much or doesnt have an online reputation to protect. Now that I am aware of this I might look into changing it.

So check out the sites you go to. See if you can switch to a secure connection for your browsing.

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