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hOme.beardedDonkey - May 21st Harold Camping Doomsday Foolishness
May 21st Harold Camping Doomsday Foolishness 
So here we are May 21st 2011 on Saturday morning in Australia. Since we are pretty close to the date line, we should be the first to experience the "rapture" (the rapture is not a teaching based on Bible writings) here (why God would follow human's established dating and timing method I don't know) but I guess I could speculate this means the rapture could occur at any instant in the next... 17 hours?

But I found that some people in my real life were saying, with tongue in cheek, that May 21st was "the end of the world". When I first read about Camping's predictions it was in a local newspaper - not online. Amused I looked it up online and found that he was not saying May 21st would be "the end of the world" like a lot of people were saying but that it would be the date "rapture" would occur and saved people would vanish from earth (as the sun rolled around from the international date line in the middle of the Pacific somewhere). He then reckoned that October 21st 2011 would be the date for the end of the world with God burning it with fire.

First, obviously this guy was/is a fool.
Somehow he comes up with the formula: 5 X 10 x 17 = number of days from Christ's death to end of the world. News Flash: Not a Bible teaching.
I'm pretty sure he plucks the date of Christ's death out of the air too (April 1st 33CE). For some reason the media find it uneccessary to explain this even though the reading audience probably have no biblical knowledge whatsoever. Usually when I watch or read news articles about something I know nothing about they do a small explanation of the key points so that you can be informed on the topic. I guess the on information the media was to convey here is "bible nutter bases predition off bible and is going to be/is wrong". As you can see, the "5 x 10 x 17" formula is a creation of Camping's head.

On a more basic level, he uses the number 17 in his formula claiming it represents "heaven" in the Bible. What does Google think? Answers.com question "What does 17 mean in the Bible?" has no answer given. The rest of the first page on Google doesn't even allude an answer to the question. It mainly shows scripture references involving the number "17". By this I mean it talks about some bible topic and references a scripture like "Gen 17:9-14". Google is picking up the chapter 17 here. Ok now let's try something else... "What does 7 signify in the bible?" There is a plethora of information for this question. For some reason, I think Mr Camping decided that, to get blood from a stone, he needed to create this "important number" 17 that was one of the factors in his maths to define a prohpetic doomsdate. IDIOT.
News Flash: The number 17 has no biblical significance. 7 and 10 do, but that doesn't mean you can just add them together to say your prediction is backed by the Bible.

Anyway... it's a glorious Saturday morning, the temperature is perfect because it's Spring so I'm actually not sweating from my face. What should I do... ? Oh yeah that's right. Go and work so I can pay bills!

Enjoy Rapture Day! Leave a comment if you find this in Google! :)

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