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hOme.beardedDonkey - 10,000 hits! *party whistle sound*
10,000 hits! *party whistle sound* 
I am celebrating 10,000 hits on my personal website! (See bottom of page). I know this is hardly anything, but I find this noteworthy because:

1. I've never had a page that has reached 10,000 hits
2. Usually by now the software I'm using would have crapped its pants and reset a whole lot of data for no good reason (last time it did it at about 5,000 hits)
3. It'll be a good decade before I hit 100,000 hits so I'm not waiting that long to celebrate.

And yes, I know that most of those hits are probably from some Russian webcrawling search bot called Yandex or similar but I don't care :)

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