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hOme.beardedDonkey - CMSimple released under GPL3 license
CMSimple released under GPL3 license 
The author and owner of the neat and simple Content Management System CMSimple has announced that from Dec 31st 2009 CMSimple would be realeased under the GPL3 license and will cease to sell licenses for the software. All future support and documentation will be left to the community.

This means users that do not choose to purchase a license no longer need to display links to the CMSimple website on their pages. If you didn't know, my website at www.beardeddonkey.com is powered by CMSimple and now I don't need to announce that. :)

Hopefully the online community can continue this lovely little piece of simplistic software and make it even more popular than it is already.

You can see everything about CMSimple at www.cmsimple.org.

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