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hOme.beardedDonkey - Meatfest
Meatfest 2009 went well. It started off slow but as the day and the people kept coming it was a full festivity of Meats. You can find the whole collection of my photos at http://home.beardeddonkey.com/meatfest2009/ now in a more fancy thumbnailed gallery style view!

Some highlights of the event included Mr. Satan's satay beef pies (012.jpg), Zorro and Woman blonding their hair to become rangas (049.jpg not the actual dye used but I liked the big "POISON" at the top of the box) and Nyla fisting into the chicken wings (041.jpg & 042.jpg).

More meat highlights were Slu's Lamb "Manlets" (008.jpg and 009.jpg) and Satri's Black Angus beef with Wild Turkey and Dijon sauce (061.jpg).

Snickers brought shame upon the occasion when he tried to serve up falafel to us. He should have had to eat one of them out from between Zorro's butt cheeks as punishment but instead we said he could run the smoulding log for shame instead. He refused, then as the night went on Noosey became jealous of the founding fathers' crowns and Power Sticks (078.jpg) so he destroyed mine. He then was chosen to run the smouldering log (090.jpg) down to the end of the driveway and back.

All in all it was a great time. The quality of dish is getting better as the years go on as people put more and more effort into their meats.

Next year and onwards, anyone bringing banned substances to Meatfest will be "stoned" with them (ie: it gets thrown at them) and it will probably get videoed.

Until next Meafest, (which is on the FIRST WEEKEND OF SEPTEMBER EVERY YEAR for those of you that complain you're never invited or don't know when it is) we'll have to endure the plates with vegetables on them.

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